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When A Friend Is in Trouble

Woman Suffering from Domestic Violence Augusta GA

You’ve never really liked the guy your best friend married. Something about his personality sets you on edge. Within six months of the wedding, she had dark circles under her eyes, and a sadness that hung over her like a shroud. Occasionally, you would notice bruising on her arms, and once on the back of […]

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Life After Bankruptcy

Augusta GA Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy. It used to be a shame-filled word, a brand on the forehead of people who had gone through it. The digital age makes it possible to maintain a sense of financial privacy, to not feel the “stigma of failure,” but regardless of how quiet your financial struggle has been, the reality is that your […]

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Your Ex’s Change in Plans

Couple Not Talking to Each Other

When you finalized your divorce three years ago, your world was shattered. Bit by bit, you’ve put the pieces together again, for yourself and your children. Overall, you’ve come to a mutual, though unspoken, agreement with your ex to keep the children’s schedule static as a help for them as well as both of you. […]

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Eviction is Never Easy!


If you rent out a house, apartment, or room to someone else, you likely have a signed lease with your renter. Leases spell out the tenant’s responsibilities for rent, housekeeping, parking, and notice to vacate the premises. The contract also explains your own responsibilities for maintaining the space and grounds as well as providing notice […]

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This Is Us, an Adoption Tale

family photo

“This Is Us” is one of the most popular shows on television right now. America is captivated by the family’s dynamic: how Jack and Rebecca parent their kids and love each other, how the Big Three grow up together, almost, but not quite, triplets. The writers have left us guessing and grieving at every turn. […]

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Does a Grandparent Have Rights?

mature couple

Being a grandparent is one of the great joys in life, and most grandchildren love the time they get to spend with their grandparents. Unfortunately, in the event of divorce, death, relocation, or troubled relationships, the rights of grandparents can get confused and complicated. Though Georgia strongly favors the relationship between a child and a […]

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Stepparent Adoption


Many stepparents play a crucial role in the life of their stepchild by caring for and raising the child. Formalizing the adoption is a natural desire and is one of the most common and straightforward types of adoption. When a parent adopts a stepchild, the parent is agreeing to assume the legal and financial responsibilities […]

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Pros and Cons Of Joint Credit

young couple

Most people get married with the idea of staying married for a lifetime. They fall in love and have nothing but “happily ever after” in their future goals and dreams. Going into marriage, many couples believe that opening joint credit is the most advantageous method of managing their finances. While saying, “what’s yours is mine […]

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Divorce is a difficult disruption in your entire life. Everything from your home, your possessions, your finances, and your children are affected when a marriage comes to an end. Many people who are faced with divorce fir the first time are taken aback to learn how complicated it can be. At Boudreaux Law Firm, we […]

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The recession of 2008 hit millions of Americans hard, and many of them are still recovering. While a large number of people who had lost their jobs are now employed, they are finding that they are suffering from underemployment. Millions of workers have found it necessary to accept jobs with a salary that cannot sustain […]

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