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Divorce and Social Security Benefits Lawyer

Social security benefits are usually not considered until individuals reach retirement age, as they are often disregarded when going through divorce. However, as is the case with other financial matters, divorce impacts Social Security benefits, regardless of the ages of the divorcing couple.

To better understand, qualifying for Social Security benefits requires that individuals accrue credits over the course of their lifetime. Specifically, the law allows for up to four credits each year, with each credit being awarded based on a specific dollar amount earned. Thus, when an individual reaches 40 credits, they may receive Social Security benefits, assuming that they have met other eligibility requirements. When a couple divorces, however, a spouse that has not earned enough credits may still qualify for benefits through the other spouse’s earnings. Even so, there are stipulations and provisions that require the guidance and experience of a qualified divorce and Social Security benefits lawyer.

Having served the greater Augusta area for over 20 years in family law cases, attorney Todd M. Boudreaux helps clients make well-informed decisions regarding their finances in the aftermath of divorce. To schedule a private consultation, contact Boudreaux Law Firm today.

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Upon divorce, some wonder what will happen to Social Security benefits and how much a spouse may collect from an ex-spouse. It’s important to understand that in order for one to qualify for Social Security benefits from their ex-spouse, the marriage must have lasted at least ten years. In turn, at the moment that the spouse applies, he/she must be at least 62 years old and unmarried. It must also be confirmed that the ex-spouse is able to collect Social Security benefits. Finally, it must be determined that the amount that a spouse is entitled to is less than what they would receive through their ex-spouse’s benefit.
Generally, a spouse is able to receive up to one-half of their ex-spouse’s benefit, but this amount will likely be less if both are below retirement age. On the other hand, one’s eligibility for Social Security benefits still stands if they choose to re-marry, and even if their ex-spouse has not officially applied for benefits (though the couple must be divorced for at least two years in this case).

Without question, divorce brings many changes and decision-making regarding finances, division of assets, spousal support and more. To navigate the complexities involved in the divorce process and to protect your financial future, it is important to seek experienced legal guidance from a reputable divorce and Social Security benefits lawyer.

For clients in Augusta, Martinez and surrounding areas, Boudreaux Law Firm continues to be a trusted name for solid legal representation. If you have questions about equitable division, including Social Security benefits acquisition and more, contact the Boudreaux Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation.

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