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Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Augusta, Ga

Given the tense nature of many divorce settlement discussions, mediation includes a neutral party that helps guide and facilitate healthy communication and conflict resolution. Ultimately, the mediator aims to help settle the divorce case. This is not by making decisions or imposing opinions but by keeping individuals focused on their needs and interests in relation to the divorce. In turn, the mediator seeks to create an environment that feels safe and confidential so that individuals are more likely to express their desires and concerns. As this happens, parties are more likely to let their guard down and make decisions effectively.

When it comes to divorce mediation, it’s important to understand that there’s not a specific method or approach. For instance, some couples are not able to begin mediation in the same room, while others are. Secondly, an attorney is not required to go to mediation. However, a mediator is not a legal expert, nor can they provide legal guidance. For this reason, a divorce mediation lawyer becomes an integral part of mediation. They can accurately identify the issues relevant to a case, as well as prepare clients for trial and prevent clients from making mistakes that will cost them in the end.

If you are going through a divorce and are seeking mediation, the divorce attorneys at Boudreaux Law Firm welcomes your call today. Attorney Todd M. Boudreaux values the importance of healthy communication, and he is well versed in all of the legalities covered in divorce discussions, mediation and other family law cases.

Experienced Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Augusta, Ga

In what may seem like a process of elimination, divorce mediation encourages parties to present issues, ask questions and consider the risks in relation to their divorce. Though some question the effectiveness of mediation, many believe that it produces healthy results.

For couples in greater Augusta, Martinez, Evans and surrounding areas, the Boudreaux Law Firm continues to serve clients with a high level of commitment. Attorney Todd M. Boudreaux understands that when an attorney is present during mediation, necessary issues are addressed, and decisions are made quicker and easier. Together, a mediator and attorney help bridge the gap among families and individuals as they participate in decision-making and move towards resolution.

Even so, it’s important to seek counsel from a qualified divorce mediation lawyer to ensure your rights are protected and that you can move on with your life with confidence. For solid representation that you can trust, contact the Boudreaux Law Firm to schedule a free consultation.

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