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While divorce is a difficult and often an emotional process in itself, part of the process is assessment and division of assets and liabilities. Classified as equitable distribution, some of these are fairly simple to place a value on, such as a marital residence or bank account. Yet, others are complex. Without question, family law cases involving business interests benefit from the assistance of a qualified business valuations lawyer.

To better understand, business interests are labeled as separate or marital. For instance, if a business is acquired during a marriage using joint funds, it is considered marital property. Thus, should the couple divorce, it should be divided and shared equally. On the contrary, when a business is owned prior to the marriage, or if the business venture was obtained using separate funds, it is separate property. On the outset, classifying property as marital or separate may appear straightforward. Yet, even in cases where businesses are acquired before the date of marriage, if joint funds were used as investments into the business, the non-owner spouse would generally be entitled to half of the marital funds invested.

Regardless of the circumstances of a divorce, business valuations remain a complex area of family law, as owners typically do not have a clear understanding of the market value of their businesses.

Attorney Todd M. Boudreaux of Boudreaux Law Firm in Augusta places a high value on personalized representation. He offers an aggressive, yet compassionate approach to your case. As an experienced business valuations and divorce lawyer that you can trust, attorney Todd Boudreaux invites you to call today to schedule a free consultation.

Determining Business Valuations

When it comes to evaluating business assets and properties, divorcing couples will lean towards one method over the other in an effort to maximize benefits for themselves. Subsequently, this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to disputes over money invested and what’s considered “fair” or “equitable” in regard to dividing assets. This is why a reputable business valuations lawyer is important when determining the most appropriate method or combination of methods to assess the value of a business.

For the most part, three methods are utilized to calculate business valuations. These are asset valuation, the earnings multiplier method and comparison. In evaluating assets, one might consider land, inventory, equipment, cash holdings and intangibles before subtracting business liabilities. On the other hand, the earning potential of a business also plays a role, using the ratio of profitability and the money invested. Lastly, businesses are compared with other businesses that are similar. This provides a market analysis that is useful for determining value.

When individuals and business owners are in the throes of divorce, dividing assets and determining the value of a business can be overwhelming and stressful. Seeking the knowledge and experience of a business valuations lawyer can make all the difference in your case.

Serving Augusta and surrounding areas since 1994, attorney Todd M. Boudreaux of Boudreaux Law Firm provides critical insight and solid representation for business owners caught up in the divorce process and determining business valuations. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, contact the Boudreaux Law Firm today.

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