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Boudreaux Law Firm, has been serving Eastern Georgia and the CSRA for more than 20 Years. While we are known for our knowledge, compassion and personalized approach as bankruptcy and family law attorneys, our practice areas also include those who are involved in landlord tenant disputes and personal injury cases, such as car accidents, premise liabilities or slip and fall injuries. Regardless of your specific legal needs, you can expect to meet with one of our experienced attorneys on your initial consultation, not a paralegal or secretary. This allows us to fully understand your situation and advise you how to proceed based upon the unique facts of your case. If you are considering bankruptcy, need help navigating a divorce or were recently involved in a drunk driving accident, either call our law office in Augusta, GA or contact us online.

Experienced Bankruptcy Services for Consumers and for Businesses

In these times, many individuals and businesses find themselves facing more debt than they can manage. Sometimes, a business or individual only needs more time to work out their problems without the threat of lawsuits, garnishments, repossessions or foreclosures. Clients need lasting solutions, tailored to the clients’ needs, to find a new beginning. We are proud to have Attorney Todd Boudreaux who is the only lawyer in this area who is a certified specialist in both commercial and business bankruptcy law. Our specialization and experience in bankruptcy allows us help clients with the following aspects of bankruptcy: Consumer Bankruptcy

  • Should I file for bankruptcy?: We will analyze your income, expenses, debts, properties and assets, giving you detailed consultation regarding whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you. Many clients prefer to pursue non-bankruptcy options. If non-bankruptcy options are available, we will assist you in pursuing those options, rather than assuming that every client needs to file bankruptcy to resolve their financial issues.
  • Preparing to file bankruptcy: We will help you gather the necessary documents like credit reports, paycheck stubs and tax returns, then we will compile and prepare the documents for filing with the bankruptcy courts.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy : Have your unsecured debts totally discharged while protecting your important assets such as your house, car, retirement plans and personal property. We will also explain which debts are dischargeable or nondischargeable.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Restructure and reorganize your debt to catch up past due mortgage payments, prevent a repossession of your automobile, handle IRS tax debts, or to deal with other financial restructuring issues.
  • Foreclosure and repossession assistance: Stop home foreclosure and keep your car, through bankruptcy or through negotiations with creditors for reinstatement of your loans.
  • Stop creditor harassment: Make your creditors call your lawyer instead of you; understand your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and prevent litigation, foreclosure and repossession.
  • Life and credit after filing bankruptcy: Retain your privacy, reduce damage to your credit score, and get credit again after you have declared bankruptcy.
  • Stop garnishment of wages: Protect your income from garnishment from judgment creditors.
  • Bankruptcy FAQs: Answers to some frequently asked questions about bankruptcy.
  • Landlord and tenant issues: Terms commonly used in reference to landlord tenant issues in bankruptcy.
  • Military personnel issues: Bankruptcy issues related to military personnel, federal contractors and federal employees.

Business Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Reorganize your businesses debts, and keep your business afloat.
  • Creditors’ rights: Learn your rights and collect your debts concerning lease and rental properties, divorce decrees and debts incurred by fraud.

Compassionate Lawyer in Family Law Our family law attorneys proudly represent families in Augusta, Ga and throughout Eastern Georgia. We realize that the divorce process can be overwhelming, especially during such a stressful and painful time of transition. Whether you need simple negotiation over property division or an aggressive trial lawyer to fight for child custody, Boudreaux Law Firm is equipped to handle your family law case from beginning to end. We provide comprehensive legal services in a wide variety of family law areas, including:

  • Adoptions: We handle all types of adoptions, including private and agency assisted adoptions as well as adoptions by a stepparent, foster parent, grandparent or other related person.
  • Alimony and Spousal Support: The calculated amount of alimony is largely subjective under current Georgia law. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and strategic when helping clients obtain the appropriate amount of spousal support they need for financial security after divorce.
  • Child Custody & Modifications: Our lawyers understand the numerous factors that are considered in securing legal and physical custody of a child either in a contested divorce, uncontested divorce or when a child custody modification is necessary.
  • Child Support & Modifications: Clients often need legal guidance and defense in calculating the proper amount of child support needed to provide stability and security for a child after divorce. If you or your spouse has had a change in income, you may be eligible for a child support modification.
  • Contempt of Court: If your spouse is failing to comply with guidelines of alimony support, child support or child custody, we are prepared to take action.
  • Divorce: Legally dissolving a marriage is not always straightforward. Our divorce lawyer carries proven experience and skill in handling all facets of divorce, both contested and uncontested as well as those that involve child custody or a high-asset spouse. We work hard to ensure your divorce process doesn’t create more stress than it has to.
  • Paternity & Legitimation: Whether you want to establish paternity for child custody and visitation or you want to contest a legitimation, we can help you.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: We carefully craft prenuptial agreements in order to responsibly protect clients from unforeseen issues that could jeopardize their financial security.
  • Separation Agreements: For clients who do not want to completely dissolve their marriage through a divorce, we help them obtain file for a separation under Georgia law.
  • Uncontested Divorce: We proudly assist clients who want to settle a divorce outside of the courtroom An uncontested divorce not only saves time and cost, but it can save your children from additional trauma in court.

Get Experienced, Specialized Family Law Help With a Personalized Approach Bankruptcy and divorce are both challenging events that need professional guidance and strong representation. That is why we insist on giving a personalized approach to our legal services. Rather than giving you the quickest, easiest answer, we take the time to help you find the solution that is right for you, for a lasting new beginning. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced Augusta, GA family law attorneys.

Eastern Georgia Bankruptcy and Family Law Attorney

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If you need help navigating difficult issues of a divorce, contact the Boudreaux Law Firm today to meet with one of our experienced Augusta attorneys. We offer free initial consultations for certain situations and competitive rates in family law cases. When you schedule an appointment with our firm, you will meet with an attorney, not a paralegal or secretary, to discuss all of your legal options.

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