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Domestic violence encompasses a variety of interactions among individuals with a close relationship. These include physical abuse, as well as psychological, sexual, economic abuse and stalking. While domestic violence often occurs between the mother and father of a child, it extends to other personal relationships, such as children, stepparents, stepchildren, foster parents and children, as well as a live-in boyfriend, girlfriend or even a relative. The bottom line is – victims of domestic violence are found in all walks of life. Given the pattern of abuse, which includes making threats, many individuals live in fear and constant intimidation that they will be harmed.

For victims of domestic violence, a judge may grant a legal restraining order or temporary restraining order (TPO) stating that the abuser must leave the victim alone. Violating the restraining order will result in legal consequences, some of which are serious. It’s important to understand that victims may pursue a TPO even if they have not been harmed physically. Essentially, any threats or intimidating behavior towards victims that causes persistent fear and worry about being harmed constitutes domestic violence.

As a domestic violence and restraining order lawyer serving Augusta, Ga, attorney Todd M. Boudreaux at Boudreaux Law Firm provides trusted legal counsel for victims of domestic violence and other family law cases. If you are experiencing domestic violence, contact Boudreaux Law Firm to schedule a free, confidential consultation today.

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Taking many forms, domestic violence typically occurs in patterns of threats and conduct that leaves victims in a state of constant panic and worry about being harmed. Yet, depending on the type of violence, it might be difficult to prove. Thus, it’s important for victims to consult an experienced restraining order lawyer to navigate and prepare their case.

When it comes to petitioning for a temporary restraining order (TPO), an allegation is not enough. Specific evidence such as medical records and photographs are useful. This is as well as police reports, eyewitness accounts and personal testimony. In turn, the petition itself needs to provide details pertaining to the relief that the victim is pursuing. This may include providing the victim with temporary custody of any children involved, possession of a shared home or dwelling and acquisition of personal property. The abuser might also be ordered to attend counseling and refrain from the intimidating conduct or behavior. Specific consequences for violating the TPO will also be communicated.

Given the emotional toll that domestic violence places on victims, an experienced domestic restraining order lawyer provides critical advice and guidance to strengthen a TPO. If you reside in Augusta, Martinez, Evans or surrounding area and you are a victim of domestic violence, contact the Boudreaux Law Firm to schedule a free and private consultation to discuss your options.

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