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Why You Should Avoid a DIY Georgia Divorce

A man on the phone filing for divorce in Georgia

Filing for Divorce in Georgia Can Be a Nightmare if You Do it Yourself- Here’s Why: The do-it-yourself mentality is a great way to save money, right? While we agree that many projects can be completed on your own to save money and avoid headaches, divorce should not be one of them. Even with all […]

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Use Care with Fall Clean Up!

Man Cleaning Out Gutters Augusta GA

With the storms that have come through the eastern seaboard this fall, clean up before winter has become more difficult. It’s not just the leaves and sticks, but also the larger limbs and possible building damage that has gone unchecked. There is plenty to be cautious of as fall storms continue to come through. If […]

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Grandparenting Is Grand!

Senior Couple August GA

Grandparents are such an important part in the lives of our children.  They teach unconditional love in a way that parents cannot. They provide a sense of security and generational continuity to the family. But families don’t always stay together anymore. So what happens to the grandparents when the ex-in-law gets full custody and wants […]

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You Never Saw It Coming

Two Car Accident Augusta GA

Car accidents can happen in a variety of ways. There’s the rear-end at the traffic light, the person who blows through a stop sign, the vehicle crossing traffic at a blind hill, and the driver who didn’t check their blind spot and either hits your car or runs you off the road! And of course, […]

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The Peaceful Way to Divorce

Couple Not Talking to Each Other

It’s been said that a good deal is made with both parties are “equally unhappy.” Unfortunately, there are fewer situations unhappier than the process of divorce.  This person you expected to love, has become a person you no longer desire to be around. Whether through abuse, infidelity, or simply growing apart, no one goes into marriage […]

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Every Child Deserves A Father!

You ran into your ex yesterday. She was pushing a shopping cart with a little boy who was calling her “Mommy.” He was adorable: curly brown hair, bright eyed, with a dimple in his chin when he smiled. Funny, you had a dimple in your chin when you were a kid, too. Figuring his age […]

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When A Friend Is in Trouble

Woman Suffering from Domestic Violence Augusta GA

You’ve never really liked the guy your best friend married. Something about his personality sets you on edge. Within six months of the wedding, she had dark circles under her eyes, and a sadness that hung over her like a shroud. Occasionally, you would notice bruising on her arms, and once on the back of […]

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Life After Bankruptcy

Augusta GA Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy. It used to be a shame-filled word, a brand on the forehead of people who had gone through it. The digital age makes it possible to maintain a sense of financial privacy, to not feel the “stigma of failure,” but regardless of how quiet your financial struggle has been, the reality is that your […]

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Your Ex’s Change in Plans

Couple Not Talking to Each Other

When you finalized your divorce three years ago, your world was shattered. Bit by bit, you’ve put the pieces together again, for yourself and your children. Overall, you’ve come to a mutual, though unspoken, agreement with your ex to keep the children’s schedule static as a help for them as well as both of you. […]

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Eviction is Never Easy!


If you rent out a house, apartment, or room to someone else, you likely have a signed lease with your renter. Leases spell out the tenant’s responsibilities for rent, housekeeping, parking, and notice to vacate the premises. The contract also explains your own responsibilities for maintaining the space and grounds as well as providing notice […]

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