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Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

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When you and your spouse were walking up the aisle as a married couple after saying, “I do,” neither of you were thinking about divorce. However, now that a few years have gone by and things have not gone according to plan, divorce is now the option that you have chosen. With divorce as your chosen option, it is important to break ties as easily and amicably as possible. The easiest of all kinds of divorce is the uncontested divorce, and it has some benefits for all of those involved.

Lower Expenses
Uncontested divorces are resolved in private, typically without the need of an attorney. Since there is not an attorney involved, this significantly decreases the expenses that both parties would have to pay. Of course, without an attorney, this does mean that both parties must be able to communicate and bargain with one another to settle affairs. If communication is difficult between the parties, it will be necessary to hire a mediator. However, the cost of a mediator is typically much less than the cost of an attorney.
While all divorces are considered to be legal matter and, thus, are made public record, it is not necessary for all agreements and disclosures made between the parties to be put on public record. If divorcing couples can agree to “let go” of the desire to ruin one another’s reputation, the only statements which they have filed with the court will be accessible to the public. This keeps personal negotiations, terms, and conditions between the couple private and not available for pubic consumption.
Faster Process
Uncontested divorces can be handled and completed much faster than other kinds of divorce. Uncontested divorce shows that personal dignity is important, fighting a court battle is not necessary, and the marriage can simply be ended. This process is simply done by the couple, decisions are made and written on paper, and the divorce is filed to the court. Because there is no need to wait for an attorney’s availability and then wait for a scheduled court appearance (which may involve multiple hearings), things can be settled fast.
An uncontested divorce allows couples who are ending their marriage to have a clean split. It does require that both parties be willing to communicate and work together, but this allows the divorce to move quickly and at a low cost. If you and your spouse have decided that you no longer wish to be married, contact Boudreaux Law Firm today. We can make your uncontested divorce as seamless as possible.

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